1. a natural attraction, liking, or feeling of kinship. inherent similarity between persons or things
3. The attraction between me and this world.

Nov 21st

I Hate Thanksgiving

Alright everyone rolls eyes moment has passed. I mean this is more than “I don’t like Holidays” talk. I say this because I am a history geek.

The Thanksgiving meal was the sealing of agreement that the Pilgrims and the Natives would hold peace and be allies against other tribes that mutually hated them. This was also showing the Natives gratitude for helping them SURVIVE this “New World”.

Suffice to say as many people don’t know or don’t care to acknowledged that our government is still treating Natives poorly only until recently did they stop the horrible policy of taking toddlers from home and raising them in boarding school where they weren’t allowed to do any of their customs, they cut their hair, never allowed to see their families, and not allowed to speak their native language. On top of all that they were all in every one of those boarding school beating and abused and therefor introducing a horrible standard of living.

SO this year I will be raising up money to donate to charities for native tribes.

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